Story Landing Internship Program for Women
Story Landing is hosting the 2017 Summer Internship for Women funded by Serealities Foundation, June 5 - 30. Application information is available here.

WHO AND WHERE? Women 18 years of age and older, eligible to work in the US and who are unemployed or underemployed in rural northern Indiana.

WHAT AND WHY? Job opportunities are limited and skills are required to enter the workforce at the minimal level. 

·  THE STATE OF INDIANA has a poverty rate of female-headed families at 43.2%.

·  FULTON COUNTY INDIANA has one of the largest proportions of married with children and in poverty at 17% and one of the largest proportions of families headed by single mothers and in poverty at 52%.

WHAT WE DO  Our mission is to enhance job and work/life balance skills and job opportunities in the development of internships in the hospitality industry at Story Landing, northern Indiana, for unemployed and/or underemployed women. Read testimonials from some of our interns below.

We are seeking matching funds to expand the internship program to 8 weeks and for more women to participate. Funds will be used for the paid internships and expenses including books, training, exams, certification, supplies, staffing, and instruction. The Serealities Foundation is an exempt organization as described in Section 501(c) (3) of the Internal Revenue Code.


The unemployed and/or underemployed women who participate in these internships need an opportunity to learn or improve new skills in the food and hospitality industry and will benefit from your contribution to expand this annual program in northern Indiana.


Story Landing, an event venue in Rochester, Indiana serves as headquarters for Serealities Foundation and the location for summer internships. The internship program offers the opportunity for up to 6 interns to study and earn a ServSafe food manager certificate, and to practice safe handling of food (ServSafe National Restaurant Association training and certification in food safety). This training also educates interns to be aware of important food safety skills in their own kitchens with their families. To increase their employability, interns also plan, budget and organize events for the community held at Story Landing. The costs include paid internships, staffing, instruction, utilities, supplies, books, training, certification exams, and planning public events. 

Molly, Kim, Kaitlyn, Susan, and Kimberlie, five unemployed and/or underemployed women of varying ages and backgrounds, completed the internship program in food and hospitality. Three passed the exam for the ServSafe manager certificate, and two for the ServSafe food handler certificate. The communication skills and collaboration of this group of women resulted in new ongoing events for the community including yoga classes and painting sessions. 

Testimonials from 2016 Interns 

“Six months prior to the summer internship at Story Landing my position was terminated at my job. This was a job I really enjoyed and took pride in. My self-confidence and pride were wounded. I was excited to "get back to work" even if it was only for 30 days. This experience helped me rebuild my self-worth. I have since continued to grow my small business, Red Horse Leather. During our internship, we developed a positive attitude towards our work and efforts. That has carried over for me taking on shows and events that I would have otherwise been confident to be a vendor in. At those shows I have either met or exceeded my selling goals for the day! I am excited to apply for a two-day show this spring to have another opportunity to market my products. I have also accepted a position in a local farm office and will start back to work soon. 

I sincerely enjoyed getting to know the other women, and watching them develop the same confidence in themselves. I find it interesting to listen to others experiences and how that builds their character. Working as a team we combined our strengths to develop some plans on how to attract the community to enjoy the facility while focusing on food service. Part of our time was devoted to learning and practicing safe food handling. Through the program, I obtained my ServSafe food manager certificate as well as my permit to serve alcohol and have since had the opportunity to work at some events. Though I have always loved food and cooking, I had never previously considered educating myself on safe practices, but definitely value these certifications and ability to earn extra income. My thanks for offering this "internship" and all the great memories working together to rebuild confidence in myself.”  – Molly

“In the month of July 2016, I participated in a 4-week ServSafe Internship held at Story Landing. I have worked in the food industry in the past as a hostess/bartender/caterer, but was never required to attend this particular course. Through this internship, I gained a lot of information, things I never knew or would never have thought about before. It was a great learning experience. I also got to know the other ladies in the class. We had all come from different backgrounds, different age groups, and not knowing much about each other. We all got along well, shared our ideas and bounced suggestions off each other. There are so many possibilities in so many different areas in the food industry. I am now a part time assistant manager in a small grocery store in Rochester. Not only did we complete the ServSafe course, we were involved with several other activities. We learned relaxation techniques, getting involved with the community and hospitality. Story Landing is a beautiful facility on Lake Manitou and perfect for this internship.” – Susan

"The internship exceeded my expectations. ServSafe training, cooking, Zen, canoeing, gardening and the boat ride were all highlights. A lot of brain-storming on what would work for our community as far as food service. Classes were held in a beautiful building with a gorgeous view of Lake Manitou. I felt all the women worked well together and the instructor went above and beyond creating a wonderful life-long learning experience.” - Kimberlie

Please donate on this page or go to for more information AND Please spread the word to those who may be interested in supporting our cause. Thank you!

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